Wendy Gow is a savvy and engaging presenter

"The Lily Winston team put together a day for 400 of our employees that was well tailored to our corporate culture and our brand. It was informative, challenging, and enjoyable. Wendy Gow is a savvy and engaging presenter who tells the truth and provides solutions. We immediately began receiving thanks from dozens of attendees. We could not be happier that we chose Lily Winston."

Dawn Apelian
Executive Director of Marketing and Publishing
BJU Press

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Elizabeth Galanti
Still getting comments on Mother of Bride Dress
"My plate was overflowing as the Mother of the Bride for an out of town wedding, so I reached out to Wendy and Lily Winston to help with the selection of clothes for the wedding weekend. As soon as we set a date for shopping, my anxiety lowered dramatically. Wendy spent a day shopping with me and it was delightful. She immediately understood my tastes (and budget) and we were very successful. We found a lovely, versatile dress for the bridesmaids' luncheon and a few other classic outfits. Wendy helped select a dress for the wedding that made me feel special and appropriate. Knowing that I had clothes that I loved made me so relaxed and confident. A few weeks after the shopping trip, Wendy found a fabulous Stella McCartney dress on sale that she thought would fit me and my personality and shipped it on approval - total success for my dress for the rehearsal dinner (and other black tie events). 
On the wedding day, the photographer, hair stylist, wedding planner, and make-up artist ALL said that my Mother of the Bride dress was the most sophisticated and elegant they had seen. I was able to focus on my daughter and thoroughly enjoy the events, knowing that we (Wendy and I) had nailed it! Eighteen months later, I am still getting comments on how wonderful my Mother of the Bride dress looked. I am extremely grateful for Wendy's guidance."

Brooke Lebow

Atlanta, Georgia 

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Elizabeth Galanti
Boosts my confidence and performance in business
"I retained Wendy to update my professionally conservative, subdued and boring Japanese style to a more sophisticated Western direction. It has been a truly eye-opening experience, and the impact completely exceeded my expectations. My wife and I have become big fans and supporters of Wendy. Her image and style advice have transformed my portfolio of clothes, shoes and accessories to better reflect my personal and professional personality and accomplishments. Through our sessions and conversations over the past year, my wife and I have learned a great deal about fashion trends and classic styles, including what works best for me and why. For the first time in my life, I realize wearing clothes which I genuinely love really boosts my confidence and performance in business situations and happiness in my daily life. I receive lots of positive feedback - especially in Tokyo with clients, colleagues, family and friends since working with Wendy. The ROI was a significant plus for me. Wendy is the consummate professional, supportive and a pleasure to work with! I strongly recommend her!"

Tokyo, Japan 

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Connie Tran
Left the workshop feeling confident
“We wanted to hold a special and unique training session for our large HR Service Center team who had been through a lot of change over the past year.  We wanted it to be informative, educational, fun and personal.  We worked with Wendy to design a workshop covering business etiquette, first impressions and professional image.  The full-day workshop was a great success as it hit all the points we were looking for.  Everyone learned some great etiquette techniques for a wide variety of business situations ranging from the office environment to entertaining situations.  Everyone learned first impression tips and techniques for meeting and working with a wide range of employees and customers.  And we learned the real but often overlooked value of professional image as Wendy and her team taught useful techniques for looking your best for appearance, hair, makeup for the women, and skin care for all.  Wendy and her team even completed a number of mini-makeovers to show how small changes and techniques can build self-confidence.  Everyone left the workshop feeling confident with some new tricks for looking, feeling, and acting their best.  It was a great day and a great reward for the team.”

Steve Sutton, Director & Regional Delivery Manager,
Volvo Group University

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So easy and effortless
"I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for the past thirteen years. A year and a half ago I started my own business and recently found myself in desperate need of a wardrobe upgrade to fit into my new lifestyle. I decided I just didn’t have the time and energy to invest into what it would take to put a wardrobe together, so I hired Wendy as my stylist. Little did I know how brilliant that decision would become. First of all, she totally “got” me from the beginning. She completely understood my style, what I like, my needs, everything. She made putting a wardrobe together so easy and effortless that at this point I can’t ever imagine doing any of my own clothes shopping going forward without her. The best part, though, came as a complete surprise. Shortly after Wendy helped me, I started getting compliments on how I looked, everywhere I went, and I mean EVERYWHERE. Even to this day when I put on something she helped pick out I get stopped on the street by complete strangers and complimented. Recently my husband and thirteen year old son and I took a trip to Charleston, SC. Every day I got compliments, but on most days I would have someone stop me to compliment my outfit or look about every hour or so. Can you imagine? It was so insane my husband and son got to the point that they said they felt like they were with a celebrity! It was crazy. But I owe it all to Wendy. She is an expert at what she does and is spot on when it comes to styling clients. The fact that she is a lovely person to work with is just icing on the cake."

Jamie Mori

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Completely changed my appearance
"Your work with me on my wardrobe has completely changed my appearance and substantially increased my self-confidence! The pieces that you helped me find and purchase were the foundation for a new wardrobe and a new look that has served me very well over the past few months. With your inspiration, I gutted my closet and started afresh and now I have a much less packed closet but, ironically, much more to wear! Most days I need to look fairly corporate but on my patient care days, I have ample options to look comfortable and approachable. It is nice to have both options!"

Susan M. Pollart, MD, MS, Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Faculty Development,
University of Virginia School of Medicine

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Wendy is a fantastic image consultant
"Wendy is a fantastic image consultant and interior designer/organizer! Along with her team, Wendy helped this clueless full-time professional thirty-something bachelor not only select and organize his wardrobe; his interior furnishings; a complete bathroom renovation; and de-cluttered my entire home to create a manageable, clean, sophisticated look and environment. Wendy was inquisitive about me, my personality, and my goals to help select a wardrobe and home environment that would suit me rather than try to satisfy any temporary fad. They worked within the constraints of my budget, including me in every step of the thought process, and allaying all of my fears of forever being forced to “chase trends” and constantly buy new clothes/furniture to keep up with whatever new transient style that was being hawked by a magazine or some fashion guru. They helped me create a clean, organized, and stylish wardrobe AND home environment that satisfied my desire for "low maintenance" and "practical", yet still have class, sophistication and longevity. I enthusiastically recommend Wendy for anyone, male or female, looking for help with their wardrobe and home!"

Dr. Bahram Kiani

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A flexible, casual wardrobe
"Recently retired, on the top of my “to-do’s” was having a flexible, casual wardrobe for traveling and clothes that were accessorized. I have this now and MUCH more after working with Wendy and her associates. My new stylish, high quality pieces are adaptable for different occasions and climates. Everything works together: the jackets, jewelry, scarves, and handbags, etc. She encouraged me to buy colors and fits that I never thought looked good on me. Besides being so talented and fashion-forward, Wendy finds good value for her clients. She is generous with her time, fun and so easy to work with. I love everything she selects for me. No more stress of shopping and wasted money on things that don’t go together. I now enjoy looking into my closet and finding something great to wear. "

Beth Everly

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Transformed and back to my real self
"I have the good fortune to have a wonderful daughter and husband who learned about your magic and gave a Lily-Winston styling experience to me for Christmas. I have lived all these years with really not finding my style, or “personal brand” as you aptly say. And on top of it, in 2011, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and went through 2 surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation treatment. I found that the physical recovery actually takes less time than the mental recovery and necessity to find and maintain a positive mindset. I can attest to how one’s self-image suffers having had a mastectomy and hair falling out…it’s hard to feel pretty or attractive, much less stylish. My daughter and husband have watched me try to grapple with this “new normal.” Enter Lily-Winston… I loved our first meeting so you could learn more about my preferences and lifestyle to be better able to select some clothes for a new me. I loved that when you went to Saks in Atlanta that you spent time looking for special pieces at special prices for me. It was very exciting to meet you at Nordstrom, and to widen the selection of possible outfits with your choices from there as well. After hours of feeling pampered in a large dressing room, including a lovely lunch at the Bistro, we had an amazing NEW look for me, from shoes to jeans that were not “dungarees” to beautiful flowing sweaters with silky tops and lingerie...be gone cotten underwear! Next step, hair transformation. I used to have a full head of curly, thick hair. After chemo, it came back rather straight and thin. You don’t realize that something is so tied to your own identity until it’s gone or different. By far, the cut and color I received from Ajido were the best I have ever experienced…and that includes stylists in New York and London. Last step, make-up. The wonderful afternoon at Saks experiencing the Trish McEvoy line at lunch with the group of your interesting clients has truly provided the finishing touch. I feel like a new person, transformed and back to my real self (only with a better look than ever before). Funny that clothes and an outward appearance could have such an impact on one’s mindset. Beyond the styling experience, it has been a pleasure to get to know you. I would recommend your wonderful services to anyone, anytime, anywhere. Thank you Wendy."

Bridget McMinn

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100 tons had been lifted off my back
"My shopping experience with Wendy felt like 100 tons had been lifted off my back.  Never again would I stand in the middle of a department store and wonder which direction to turn, what to try on and what to buy.  Wendy helped me select items for my new wardrobe that have elevated my image, my confidence and my potential for success in business.  I have been armed with a new personal and professional outlook.  All the stress and decision making about every aspect of my wardrobe has been transferred.  Now I can concentrate on what I do well, my job at home and in the field.  Not only have I found renewed strength and motivation, but my customers have specifically asked me “what’s new about you?” – they have taken note, and my new image has made a positive and professional impression.  I couldn’t ask for more.  Thank you Wendy, I am truly grateful.  I am looking forward to our next season of shopping."

Holly S. Thomas, Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

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Overflowing closets but nothing to wear…
"While transitioning from a full time corporate job to an outside counsel job and finally to almost real retirement, I found I had overflowing closets, but couldn’t find anything suitable to wear. An acquaintance suggested that I contact wbryantgow@lilywinston.com for help with organizing my closets. Wendy came over to my home and helped review what I had. With her help, we organized the stuff into outfits and seasons. Slowly, albeit painfully, I’m finally giving up outfits and pieces that are no longer useful, either because of fit or because their function doesn’t match my current lifestyle. Wendy is now helping me shop to fill in the gaps and still comes over 2-4 times a year to make sure I’m on track and help create new and interesting outfit combinations. Having her help me shop is really great because through her I have access to a team of professionals and to stores not in the area without having to go on tiring and expensive shopping trips to Atlanta or New York. I’m currently looking forward to her new venture into creating a ‘Virtual Closet’ so I can easily review my current outfits."

Mary G. Boguslaski, Ph.D., J.D

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Made me look like a million dollars
"Just wanted you to know that I get compliments on my new wardrobe wherever I go! The clothes you selected are a delight - classic yet stylish, flattering to both my physique and my personality. Wearing them gives me confidence that I make a positive first impression which is critical to my business success; this has been a great investment. It has been such a pleasure working with you and your associates - you made me feel so at ease. I will see you soon as my 25th high school reunion is a few months away and I know you can make me look like a million dollars!"

Amy A. Germuth, Founder and President,
EvalWorks, LLC

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Wendy truly made me look like a hero
"Wendy Gow was the gift that keeps giving! I reached out to Wendy to offer as a birthday gift to my wife, Kathleen, last year. Wendy truly made me look like a hero. She met with Kathleen and they instantly hit it off. I think Wendy has that sort of personality, to make anybody comfortable and feel good about themselves to open up to the possibility that fashion choices can bring out the natural beauty in a person and bring out their best attributes. Even with us living in Greensboro , with the shopping choices so much better in the Triangle, Kathleen looks at her trips to see Wendy as mini-retreats. From my conversations with Kathleen, Wendy takes a very holistic approach, starting with who the client is, what’s currently in their closet and what the client does on a daily basis, which avoids cookie-cutter solutions. She recognizes that each client is like a snowflake, with needs and objectives that are different. Kathleen now is sporting a new hair style and wearing make-up, clothes and an attitude that fit her both her personality and the current year. It has been a real confidence booster. Kathleen now shops with Wendy’s “eye” and “admonitions” in mind. I don’t want to overstate it, but it really was the best birthday gift I have given in years."

Mike Murray

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Now, I can't imagine shopping without her
"I used to think that I was a great shopper...until I met Wendy.  Now, I can't imagine shopping without her.  I have a demanding career and I'm the mother of a young child, so I need a wardrobe that does triple duty:  a sophisticated professional wardrobe for my work with executives and clients, a business casual wardrobe for my casual days in the office, and a stylish weekend wardrobe that can stand the abuse of a 6-month old.  Wendy has helped me put all of this together, and has taught me how to mix and match various pieces for maximum versatility.  Also, now that Wendy knows what sizes and styles suit me, she searches the country for the best items for me, often bringing me pieces from New York, Atlanta, etc.  This service is invaluable - not only do I get great items that are not available in my local stores but I don't even have to leave my house - Wendy brings the clothes to me and I can shop in the privacy of my own living room."

Alison Fragale, Ph.D., Professor, Kenan-Flagler Business School,
University of North Carolina

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Wendy worked with me to rebuild my wardrobe
"With three children, a demanding job and countless pulls on my time, I'd long neglected my professional attire.  Wendy worked with me to rebuild my wardrobe, giving me a professional image to match the success and position I've earned in my career.  Not only that, she's made it fun and easyPacking for overnight business trips used to be a chore.  Wendy's made it a breeze to pull outfits together and get packed in a snap."

Kristen Aleksa, Associate Vice President,

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Your associates were amazing
"I cannot thank you enough for the amazing experience I had shopping with you.  You have truly given me the confidence I need to be a strong woman.  Now I know how to look sophisticated and classy with a punch of fun colors.  Your associates were amazing and made me feel like a beautiful woman.  Thank you for the time you spent with me and the considerations you put in ahead of time.  I cannot wait to see you again."

Shelley Beckman, Elementary Education

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She is the epitome of style
"What a treat to hear Wendy Bryant Gow present fashion up-dates to the Raleigh Professional Women's Forum and Friends of the Wake County Bar Association!  Wendy's knowledge about current trends as well as fashion "know how" in wardrobe building are of interest to all savvy women.  Her easy going style and enthusiasm strikes a great balance as she answers questions from her audiences.  She is the epitome of style herself and an incentive to all women to seek an individual style of their own."

Margaret N. Steed, Wardrobe Consultant,
Doncaster by Tanner

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So beautiful and sophisticated
"Wendy, I so appreciate your expertise in assisting me with my business attire.  I can't tell you when I have been so excited and felt so empowered.  I was anxious at first, but you and your associates completely put me at ease.  The clothes that you selected are so beautiful and sophisticated.  There is simply no way I could have chosen these clothes on my own, but your thoughtful selections made me feel like you could read my mind.  Spending the day with you is a treasured memory, much like being with friends and family.  Your services have totally exceeded my expectations.  I recommend your services, without reservation, to anyone who seeks genuine advice on building a wardrobe."

Cindy H. Popkin-Bradley, Attorney at Law

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A fresher, more sophisticated level
"Wendy has taken my sense of style to a fresher, more sophisticated level.  She has helped me to look with a discerning eye for the colors, fabrics and silhouettes that feel most like who I am.  We are building a wardrobe of beautiful pieces that will stand the test of time- and we are doing it within a budget that feels comfortable."

Maryanne B.Randolph, Clinical Nurse,
UNC Hospitals

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A new world of designers and styles to my closet
"After 20 years as a broadcast journalist, I'd grown weary of the polyester "anchor uniforms" that are commonplace on nightly newscasts.  Wendy introduced a new world of designers and styles to my closet, without breaking the bank.  She helped me realize I didn't have to wear a dark blazer every night to be credible.  She also conquered the television challenge:  how to keep the camera from adding 10 pounds!  Wendy updated my wardrobe with classic pieces and a few fun, contemporary items.  They not only fit better; they're much more flattering both on camera and in person.  I feel confident in the clothes she found for me and know I can present a credible and fashionable front whether I'm hosting my community affairs program or giving a speech.  Wendy's talent and enthusiasm make her a pleasure to work with.  She clearly loves what she does."

Angela Hampton, Anchor,

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