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The Art of Professional Organizing

Home or office, removing the clutter and ensuring that everything has its place can save time, reduce stress and increase efficiency. Getting organized is more than just putting things away in a certain place and order, but rather it is about how we make the best use of space to suit your needs and to increase productivity. In the home, this may include kitchen cabinets, closets and the garage or even the attic. In the office, it may mean desktops, filing systems, office utilization, or storage areas. Regardless, professional organizing will help keep your brand image straight as well as bring balance to your life by helping you develop a systematic approach for contributing to better management of life at home and at the office.

Imagine a life without searching for that "piece of paper" or spending time finding what you are looking for. Imagine the peace of mind knowing the logical order of where everything exists so you can get right to what you need when you need it. Finally, as we make new purchases, you have a complete understanding and sense of place, so you don't create new clusters of clutter. Here's how organizing professionals do it:




  • Audit: Review and Analyze Spaces

  • Assess: Prioritize by need and frequency of use

  • Plan: Get a personalized organizational plan custom to you

  • Place: Our team puts in place and provides maintenance training



  • Cubicles

  • Departments

  • Shared Areas

  • Conference Space


  • Home Interiors

  • Closets

  • Storage Areas

  • Estates (Move)

Organizing the Estate

Organizing the estate helps members of the retirement community get their house in order to leave their children with great memories, not a mess.  It gives adult children and their parents’ peace of mind knowing that important belongings and documents have been identified and preserved, while removing any unnecessary items.

Organizing the Move

Wish you didn't have to deal with the movers, or decide what to put where and how to pack?  Lily Winston can do it for you.  We will make all the arrangements and necessary decisions to take the headache out of moving to a new home, office, or setting up a second home or vacation home.

Organizing the Project

Lily Winston will be your project coordinator.  This means that we will act as the liaison between interior designers, closet designers, architects, and other professionals involved with your project to ensure all your organizational needs are accommodated.