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The Stylist Behind The Wardrobe

What to wear? The burning question that leads to the "I have a closet full of clothes and I can't find anything to wear" syndrome. Whether it is a big day that includes a major presentation, a luncheon, a night on the town or a fund-raiser event with mass networking opportunities, having just the right wardrobe is the difference between getting ready and being ready.

Taking Control of Your Closet

Everyone has a closet and drawers full of clothes and that is where we begin. We want to make the best of what you have through a careful assessment of your current wardrobe. Our personal stylists help you determine what to keep and how you can extend your wardrobe by mixing and matching various articles of clothing. Through this process, we determine those pivotal wardrobe pieces that you’re missing to ensure alignment with your lifestyle, career and budget. Your wardrobe must match your personal brand and your closet is the best place to start. Here's how we make it happen.


  • Corporate Policies and Employee Attire

  • Growth Possibilities and First Impressions

  • Personal Brand Development

  • Clear Modeling and Inventory Options

  • Interactive Workshops


  • Personal Reflection Audit

  • Wardrobe Checklist

  • Budgeting

  • Personal Shopping

  • Tips and Accessories


"The Ultimate Shopping Experience"

Treat yourself to the ultimate fashion indulgence as you embark on a "style" journey with the personal shoppers and consultants at Lily Winston along the legendary avenues and trendy fashion districts of Manhattan. With over 30 years of experience in the image and fashion industries, our team of professionals at Lily Winston have lived and worked in the world's most influential shopping destinations, including London, Paris, Tokyo, Beverly Hills and New York City. Discover the rewards that come with a council of image experts at your side while enjoying the endless pleasures and possibilities of world-class shopping.

The Ultimate Shopping Experience is for those with their own innate sense of style, we create customized excursions that satisfy even the most discerning shoppers. Options include iconic uptown specialty retailers, cutting-edge boutiques, and internationally renowned couturiers, Lily Winston will design your trip with you in mind. Mix in a bit of vacation with the business of building your image and style.