The Company Brand and Employee Image

Your company's brand has a lot to do with every visual interaction your employees have with your clients and vendors. From executive presentations, management and the experts who drive your business, the image and style that they project is a direct reflection of the company. We develop customized seminars that articulate the importance of personal branding and the company's image.

We create a fun and engaging event that will motivate your colleagues and stir them into action. Our wardrobe stylists provide tips and guidance that will have an immediate impact on how the attendees approach their own wardrobe and style the very next day. Lily Winston seminars and events can range from the following:


Wendy Gow Speaking Engagements
  • Corporate Policies and Employee Attire
  • Growth Possibilities and First Impressions
  • Personal Brand Development
  • Clear Modeling and Inventory Options
  • Interactive Workshops

We work with all types of businesses, civic groups, charity events, expos or industry meetings, and other professional organizations who recognize and know the power of image and style. Professionals work best when they feel and look good and a Lily Winston seminar or event can be the first step to improving brand image. Provide your employees with the style advice and guidance that will take your business to the next level.