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Completely changed my appearance
"Your work with me on my wardrobe has completely changed my appearance and substantially increased my self-confidence! The pieces that you helped me find and purchase were the foundation for a new wardrobe and a new look that has served me very well over the past few months. With your inspiration, I gutted my closet and started afresh and now I have a much less packed closet but, ironically, much more to wear! Most days I need to look fairly corporate but on my patient care days, I have ample options to look comfortable and approachable. It is nice to have both options!"

Susan M. Pollart, MD, MS, Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Faculty Development,
University of Virginia School of Medicine

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A flexible, casual wardrobe
"Recently retired, on the top of my “to-do’s” was having a flexible, casual wardrobe for traveling and clothes that were accessorized. I have this now and MUCH more after working with Wendy and her associates. My new stylish, high quality pieces are adaptable for different occasions and climates. Everything works together: the jackets, jewelry, scarves, and handbags, etc. She encouraged me to buy colors and fits that I never thought looked good on me. Besides being so talented and fashion-forward, Wendy finds good value for her clients. She is generous with her time, fun and so easy to work with. I love everything she selects for me. No more stress of shopping and wasted money on things that don’t go together. I now enjoy looking into my closet and finding something great to wear. "

Beth Everly

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100 tons had been lifted off my back
"My shopping experience with Wendy felt like 100 tons had been lifted off my back.  Never again would I stand in the middle of a department store and wonder which direction to turn, what to try on and what to buy.  Wendy helped me select items for my new wardrobe that have elevated my image, my confidence and my potential for success in business.  I have been armed with a new personal and professional outlook.  All the stress and decision making about every aspect of my wardrobe has been transferred.  Now I can concentrate on what I do well, my job at home and in the field.  Not only have I found renewed strength and motivation, but my customers have specifically asked me “what’s new about you?” – they have taken note, and my new image has made a positive and professional impression.  I couldn’t ask for more.  Thank you Wendy, I am truly grateful.  I am looking forward to our next season of shopping."

Holly S. Thomas, Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

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Wendy worked with me to rebuild my wardrobe
"With three children, a demanding job and countless pulls on my time, I'd long neglected my professional attire.  Wendy worked with me to rebuild my wardrobe, giving me a professional image to match the success and position I've earned in my career.  Not only that, she's made it fun and easyPacking for overnight business trips used to be a chore.  Wendy's made it a breeze to pull outfits together and get packed in a snap."

Kristen Aleksa, Associate Vice President,

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She is the epitome of style
"What a treat to hear Wendy Bryant Gow present fashion up-dates to the Raleigh Professional Women's Forum and Friends of the Wake County Bar Association!  Wendy's knowledge about current trends as well as fashion "know how" in wardrobe building are of interest to all savvy women.  Her easy going style and enthusiasm strikes a great balance as she answers questions from her audiences.  She is the epitome of style herself and an incentive to all women to seek an individual style of their own."

Margaret N. Steed, Wardrobe Consultant,
Doncaster by Tanner

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If Milk is Good For Your Body, Wendy is Good For Your Image!
"If milk is good for your body, Wendy is good for your image! With a few minor changes here and there, people immediately noticed a difference in my appearance. While I wish she was with me every time I shop, I've taken her tips to heart. This has saved me time and money. I now have a flattering wardrobe that can be put together effortlessly, is interchangeable, and classy. Wendy worked within my budget and pushed me just a little outside my comfort zone in the name of fashion, which ended up being a good thing! I never felt I was pressured to accept every single suggestion. Trust her and you will look and feel fabulous!"

Marie Doklovic,

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...a friend who has really great style
"I read an article about Wendy and knew this was a person I needed to meet. My closet was full of clothes and shoes and I never had anything to wear.  Wendy came to the beach and spent an afternoon sorting, organizing and packing for charity donations.  We then met for a shopping trip in the Triangle and what a treat!  I didn't feel like I was working with a professional stylist, but with a friend who has really great style.  After just one afternoon shopping with Wendy, I love my wardrobe again and feel so much better about my fashion style."

Jean Turner

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