Wendy truly made me look like a hero

"Wendy Gow was the gift that keeps giving! I reached out to Wendy to offer as a birthday gift to my wife, Kathleen, last year. Wendy truly made me look like a hero. She met with Kathleen and they instantly hit it off. I think Wendy has that sort of personality, to make anybody comfortable and feel good about themselves to open up to the possibility that fashion choices can bring out the natural beauty in a person and bring out their best attributes. Even with us living in Greensboro , with the shopping choices so much better in the Triangle, Kathleen looks at her trips to see Wendy as mini-retreats. From my conversations with Kathleen, Wendy takes a very holistic approach, starting with who the client is, what’s currently in their closet and what the client does on a daily basis, which avoids cookie-cutter solutions. She recognizes that each client is like a snowflake, with needs and objectives that are different. Kathleen now is sporting a new hair style and wearing make-up, clothes and an attitude that fit her both her personality and the current year. It has been a real confidence booster. Kathleen now shops with Wendy’s “eye” and “admonitions” in mind. I don’t want to overstate it, but it really was the best birthday gift I have given in years."

Mike Murray