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Overflowing closets but nothing to wear…
"While transitioning from a full time corporate job to an outside counsel job and finally to almost real retirement, I found I had overflowing closets, but couldn’t find anything suitable to wear. An acquaintance suggested that I contact for help with organizing my closets. Wendy came over to my home and helped review what I had. With her help, we organized the stuff into outfits and seasons. Slowly, albeit painfully, I’m finally giving up outfits and pieces that are no longer useful, either because of fit or because their function doesn’t match my current lifestyle. Wendy is now helping me shop to fill in the gaps and still comes over 2-4 times a year to make sure I’m on track and help create new and interesting outfit combinations. Having her help me shop is really great because through her I have access to a team of professionals and to stores not in the area without having to go on tiring and expensive shopping trips to Atlanta or New York. I’m currently looking forward to her new venture into creating a ‘Virtual Closet’ so I can easily review my current outfits."

Mary G. Boguslaski, Ph.D., J.D

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