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100 tons had been lifted off my back
"My shopping experience with Wendy felt like 100 tons had been lifted off my back.  Never again would I stand in the middle of a department store and wonder which direction to turn, what to try on and what to buy.  Wendy helped me select items for my new wardrobe that have elevated my image, my confidence and my potential for success in business.  I have been armed with a new personal and professional outlook.  All the stress and decision making about every aspect of my wardrobe has been transferred.  Now I can concentrate on what I do well, my job at home and in the field.  Not only have I found renewed strength and motivation, but my customers have specifically asked me “what’s new about you?” – they have taken note, and my new image has made a positive and professional impression.  I couldn’t ask for more.  Thank you Wendy, I am truly grateful.  I am looking forward to our next season of shopping."

Holly S. Thomas, Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

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Now, I can't imagine shopping without her
"I used to think that I was a great shopper...until I met Wendy.  Now, I can't imagine shopping without her.  I have a demanding career and I'm the mother of a young child, so I need a wardrobe that does triple duty:  a sophisticated professional wardrobe for my work with executives and clients, a business casual wardrobe for my casual days in the office, and a stylish weekend wardrobe that can stand the abuse of a 6-month old.  Wendy has helped me put all of this together, and has taught me how to mix and match various pieces for maximum versatility.  Also, now that Wendy knows what sizes and styles suit me, she searches the country for the best items for me, often bringing me pieces from New York, Atlanta, etc.  This service is invaluable - not only do I get great items that are not available in my local stores but I don't even have to leave my house - Wendy brings the clothes to me and I can shop in the privacy of my own living room."

Alison Fragale, Ph.D., Professor, Kenan-Flagler Business School,
University of North Carolina

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...a friend who has really great style
"I read an article about Wendy and knew this was a person I needed to meet. My closet was full of clothes and shoes and I never had anything to wear.  Wendy came to the beach and spent an afternoon sorting, organizing and packing for charity donations.  We then met for a shopping trip in the Triangle and what a treat!  I didn't feel like I was working with a professional stylist, but with a friend who has really great style.  After just one afternoon shopping with Wendy, I love my wardrobe again and feel so much better about my fashion style."

Jean Turner

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