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A flexible, casual wardrobe
"Recently retired, on the top of my “to-do’s” was having a flexible, casual wardrobe for traveling and clothes that were accessorized. I have this now and MUCH more after working with Wendy and her associates. My new stylish, high quality pieces are adaptable for different occasions and climates. Everything works together: the jackets, jewelry, scarves, and handbags, etc. She encouraged me to buy colors and fits that I never thought looked good on me. Besides being so talented and fashion-forward, Wendy finds good value for her clients. She is generous with her time, fun and so easy to work with. I love everything she selects for me. No more stress of shopping and wasted money on things that don’t go together. I now enjoy looking into my closet and finding something great to wear. "

Beth Everly

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I looked like a million bucks
"I met Wendy my sophomore year in college with the intention of transforming my wardrobe to reflect a more mature, professional, and respectful image in preparation of future interviews and internships. It’s now been about three years and I have successfully worked with Wendy through acceptance of my first job after graduation! I have always received compliments from fellow employees about the professionalism and fashion-forwardness of my work attire. In fact, a CEO leaving an adjacent building at the end of a work day told me I looked like a million bucks and the good news traveled back to my bosses. It was a great feeling to know I’m sending a positive message about the company when outside the office. Overall, what I like most about working with Wendy is that she respects my budget, preferences and decisions. Her wealth of knowledge and admirable personality make working with her fun and exciting! Ultimately, I will continue to work with her and certainly will recommend any of my friends, colleagues and family members to her!"

Erin McClary,

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