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Wendy is a fantastic image consultant
"Wendy is a fantastic image consultant and interior designer/organizer! Along with her team, Wendy helped this clueless full-time professional thirty-something bachelor not only select and organize his wardrobe; his interior furnishings; a complete bathroom renovation; and de-cluttered my entire home to create a manageable, clean, sophisticated look and environment. Wendy was inquisitive about me, my personality, and my goals to help select a wardrobe and home environment that would suit me rather than try to satisfy any temporary fad. They worked within the constraints of my budget, including me in every step of the thought process, and allaying all of my fears of forever being forced to “chase trends” and constantly buy new clothes/furniture to keep up with whatever new transient style that was being hawked by a magazine or some fashion guru. They helped me create a clean, organized, and stylish wardrobe AND home environment that satisfied my desire for "low maintenance" and "practical", yet still have class, sophistication and longevity. I enthusiastically recommend Wendy for anyone, male or female, looking for help with their wardrobe and home!"

Dr. Bahram Kiani

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