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So easy and effortless
"I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for the past thirteen years. A year and a half ago I started my own business and recently found myself in desperate need of a wardrobe upgrade to fit into my new lifestyle. I decided I just didn’t have the time and energy to invest into what it would take to put a wardrobe together, so I hired Wendy as my stylist. Little did I know how brilliant that decision would become. First of all, she totally “got” me from the beginning. She completely understood my style, what I like, my needs, everything. She made putting a wardrobe together so easy and effortless that at this point I can’t ever imagine doing any of my own clothes shopping going forward without her. The best part, though, came as a complete surprise. Shortly after Wendy helped me, I started getting compliments on how I looked, everywhere I went, and I mean EVERYWHERE. Even to this day when I put on something she helped pick out I get stopped on the street by complete strangers and complimented. Recently my husband and thirteen year old son and I took a trip to Charleston, SC. Every day I got compliments, but on most days I would have someone stop me to compliment my outfit or look about every hour or so. Can you imagine? It was so insane my husband and son got to the point that they said they felt like they were with a celebrity! It was crazy. But I owe it all to Wendy. She is an expert at what she does and is spot on when it comes to styling clients. The fact that she is a lovely person to work with is just icing on the cake."

Jamie Mori

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Wendy is a fantastic image consultant
"Wendy is a fantastic image consultant and interior designer/organizer! Along with her team, Wendy helped this clueless full-time professional thirty-something bachelor not only select and organize his wardrobe; his interior furnishings; a complete bathroom renovation; and de-cluttered my entire home to create a manageable, clean, sophisticated look and environment. Wendy was inquisitive about me, my personality, and my goals to help select a wardrobe and home environment that would suit me rather than try to satisfy any temporary fad. They worked within the constraints of my budget, including me in every step of the thought process, and allaying all of my fears of forever being forced to “chase trends” and constantly buy new clothes/furniture to keep up with whatever new transient style that was being hawked by a magazine or some fashion guru. They helped me create a clean, organized, and stylish wardrobe AND home environment that satisfied my desire for "low maintenance" and "practical", yet still have class, sophistication and longevity. I enthusiastically recommend Wendy for anyone, male or female, looking for help with their wardrobe and home!"

Dr. Bahram Kiani

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A flexible, casual wardrobe
"Recently retired, on the top of my “to-do’s” was having a flexible, casual wardrobe for traveling and clothes that were accessorized. I have this now and MUCH more after working with Wendy and her associates. My new stylish, high quality pieces are adaptable for different occasions and climates. Everything works together: the jackets, jewelry, scarves, and handbags, etc. She encouraged me to buy colors and fits that I never thought looked good on me. Besides being so talented and fashion-forward, Wendy finds good value for her clients. She is generous with her time, fun and so easy to work with. I love everything she selects for me. No more stress of shopping and wasted money on things that don’t go together. I now enjoy looking into my closet and finding something great to wear. "

Beth Everly

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Overflowing closets but nothing to wear…
"While transitioning from a full time corporate job to an outside counsel job and finally to almost real retirement, I found I had overflowing closets, but couldn’t find anything suitable to wear. An acquaintance suggested that I contact for help with organizing my closets. Wendy came over to my home and helped review what I had. With her help, we organized the stuff into outfits and seasons. Slowly, albeit painfully, I’m finally giving up outfits and pieces that are no longer useful, either because of fit or because their function doesn’t match my current lifestyle. Wendy is now helping me shop to fill in the gaps and still comes over 2-4 times a year to make sure I’m on track and help create new and interesting outfit combinations. Having her help me shop is really great because through her I have access to a team of professionals and to stores not in the area without having to go on tiring and expensive shopping trips to Atlanta or New York. I’m currently looking forward to her new venture into creating a ‘Virtual Closet’ so I can easily review my current outfits."

Mary G. Boguslaski, Ph.D., J.D

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Your associates were amazing
"I cannot thank you enough for the amazing experience I had shopping with you.  You have truly given me the confidence I need to be a strong woman.  Now I know how to look sophisticated and classy with a punch of fun colors.  Your associates were amazing and made me feel like a beautiful woman.  Thank you for the time you spent with me and the considerations you put in ahead of time.  I cannot wait to see you again."

Shelley Beckman, Elementary Education

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She is the epitome of style
"What a treat to hear Wendy Bryant Gow present fashion up-dates to the Raleigh Professional Women's Forum and Friends of the Wake County Bar Association!  Wendy's knowledge about current trends as well as fashion "know how" in wardrobe building are of interest to all savvy women.  Her easy going style and enthusiasm strikes a great balance as she answers questions from her audiences.  She is the epitome of style herself and an incentive to all women to seek an individual style of their own."

Margaret N. Steed, Wardrobe Consultant,
Doncaster by Tanner

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So beautiful and sophisticated
"Wendy, I so appreciate your expertise in assisting me with my business attire.  I can't tell you when I have been so excited and felt so empowered.  I was anxious at first, but you and your associates completely put me at ease.  The clothes that you selected are so beautiful and sophisticated.  There is simply no way I could have chosen these clothes on my own, but your thoughtful selections made me feel like you could read my mind.  Spending the day with you is a treasured memory, much like being with friends and family.  Your services have totally exceeded my expectations.  I recommend your services, without reservation, to anyone who seeks genuine advice on building a wardrobe."

Cindy H. Popkin-Bradley, Attorney at Law

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A fresher, more sophisticated level
"Wendy has taken my sense of style to a fresher, more sophisticated level.  She has helped me to look with a discerning eye for the colors, fabrics and silhouettes that feel most like who I am.  We are building a wardrobe of beautiful pieces that will stand the test of time- and we are doing it within a budget that feels comfortable."

Maryanne B.Randolph, Clinical Nurse,
UNC Hospitals

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A new world of designers and styles to my closet
"After 20 years as a broadcast journalist, I'd grown weary of the polyester "anchor uniforms" that are commonplace on nightly newscasts.  Wendy introduced a new world of designers and styles to my closet, without breaking the bank.  She helped me realize I didn't have to wear a dark blazer every night to be credible.  She also conquered the television challenge:  how to keep the camera from adding 10 pounds!  Wendy updated my wardrobe with classic pieces and a few fun, contemporary items.  They not only fit better; they're much more flattering both on camera and in person.  I feel confident in the clothes she found for me and know I can present a credible and fashionable front whether I'm hosting my community affairs program or giving a speech.  Wendy's talent and enthusiasm make her a pleasure to work with.  She clearly loves what she does."

Angela Hampton, Anchor,

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Impeccable taste and knowledge of fashion
"Saks Fifth Avenue, Raleigh has worked with Wendy Bryant Gow in her capacity as a Fashion Stylist and Writer and as a Personal Stylist for her private clientele, since the store's opening in September 2004.  We have always found Wendy's standards and selections reflective of her impeccable taste and knowledge of fashion.  Due to her status in the Region as a Fashion Commentator, we have invited her to attend all our prestigious Fashion Shows and Trend presentations.  Furthermore, in recognition of her personal integrity, Wendy has been given unique permission to borrow merchandise for fashion photo shoots and presentations on an as needed basis.  Therefore, Wendy Bryant Gow comes with Saks Fifth Avenue, Raleigh's unreserved recommendation."

Teresa Roberson, General Manager,
Saks Fifth Avenue

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I have a classic, sophisticated and professional wardrobe
"Wendy guided me from looking okay to looking my very best. She taught me how to choose classic pieces with style, quality, value and consistency. Her goal was to have all my choices look spectacular and work together -- and she achieved that. I get dressed in an instant and know that I look fabulous. And best of all, I've saved time and money. She never advised me to buy anything that didn't work with multiple pieces. I have a classic, sophisticated and professional wardrobe. I am very conservative with my money, and never in a million years would have thought I would spend money on an image consultant. But now I would not consider NOT taking advantage of Wendy’s services."

Diana Booth,
Cisco Systems, Inc.

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Takes the intimidation out of shopping
"I started working with Wendy in the spring of 2011, having recently transferred with my company to North Carolina from Wisconsin. While my style was technically appropriate for my workplace, I noticed that most employees dressed more formally relative to the Wisconsin office. My manager advised improving my wardrobe for my new position, a suggestion I took to heart and attempted to do on my own. However, having met with limited success on my own, I decided to seek out professional help and found Wendy via the internet. Here I was clueless, thankfully Wendy knew exactly where to start, asking about me, what I was doing now, looking at my existing wardrobe, taking notes regarding what I had, what I lacked, and what I had that was out of style or more importantly did not fit correctly. After this meeting, she observed my real problem was not so much what I wore (although that too could be improved), but rather that I owned little if anything that fit correctly. We then scheduled a second meeting, this time at a local mall to shop. I was impressed by several things: First, we went to several stores and at each one Wendy had an existing relationship with sales people in seemingly every clothing department. Second, she was patient, taking the time to explain why she thought a particular color or style would look good on me. Finally, Wendy took me out of normal styles and colors, bringing me things that were more bold than I would have chosen on my own. Although she steered me toward more bold colors, Wendy also guided me toward classic styles that I will be able to wear for years and away from trendy pieces that might have looked dated next season. The results - my new wardrobe looks fresh, fits well and most importantly, I look and feel more professional and confident in my workplace. In autumn 2011, my wife and I were invited to several weddings and additionally both of us generally needed fall/winter professional attire. My previous experience with Wendy had gone so well that we decided to contact her again. The experience was as good the second time as it was first! When I need style advice in the future, I will not hesitate to call on Wendy and in fact have passed her name onto several friends. She is fun to work with, professional, knowledgeable and takes the intimidation out of shopping."

Mike Woods-DeWitt

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