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Left the workshop feeling confident
“We wanted to hold a special and unique training session for our large HR Service Center team who had been through a lot of change over the past year.  We wanted it to be informative, educational, fun and personal.  We worked with Wendy to design a workshop covering business etiquette, first impressions and professional image.  The full-day workshop was a great success as it hit all the points we were looking for.  Everyone learned some great etiquette techniques for a wide variety of business situations ranging from the office environment to entertaining situations.  Everyone learned first impression tips and techniques for meeting and working with a wide range of employees and customers.  And we learned the real but often overlooked value of professional image as Wendy and her team taught useful techniques for looking your best for appearance, hair, makeup for the women, and skin care for all.  Wendy and her team even completed a number of mini-makeovers to show how small changes and techniques can build self-confidence.  Everyone left the workshop feeling confident with some new tricks for looking, feeling, and acting their best.  It was a great day and a great reward for the team.”

Steve Sutton, Director & Regional Delivery Manager,
Volvo Group University

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