Transformed and back to my real self

"I feel like a new person, transformed and back to my real self. I have the good fortune to have a wonderful daughter and husband who learned about your magic and gave a Lily-Winston styling experience to me for Christmas. I have lived all these years with really not finding my style, or “personal brand” as you aptly say. And on top of it, in 2011, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and went through 2 surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation treatment. I found that the physical recovery actually takes less time than the mental recovery and necessity to find and maintain a positive mindset. I can attest to how one’s self-image suffers having had a mastectomy and hair falling out…it’s hard to feel pretty or attractive, much less stylish. My daughter and husband have watched me try to grapple with this “new normal.” Enter Lily-Winston… I loved our first meeting so you could learn more about my preferences and lifestyle to be better able to select some clothes for a new me. I loved that when you went to Saks in Atlanta that you spent time looking for special pieces at special prices for me. It was very exciting to meet you at Nordstrom, and to widen the selection of possible outfits with your choices from there as well. After hours of feeling pampered in a large dressing room, including a lovely lunch at the Bistro, we had an amazing NEW look for me, from shoes to jeans that were not “dungarees” to beautiful flowing sweaters with silky tops and gone cotten underwear! Next step, hair transformation. I used to have a full head of curly, thick hair. After chemo, it came back rather straight and thin. You don’t realize that something is so tied to your own identity until it’s gone or different. By far, the cut and color I received from Ajido were the best I have ever experienced…and that includes stylists in New York and London. Last step, make-up. The wonderful afternoon at Saks experiencing the Trish McEvoy line at lunch with the group of your interesting clients has truly provided the finishing touch. I feel like a new person, transformed and back to my real self (only with a better look than ever before). Funny that clothes and an outward appearance could have such an impact on one’s mindset. Beyond the styling experience, it has been a pleasure to get to know you. I would recommend your wonderful services to anyone, anytime, anywhere. Thank you Wendy."

Bridget McMinn