7 Ways to Feeling Beautiful on a Daily Basis

This month, we are challenging you to discover your inner beauty and to love yourself for who you are, inside and out. It is so easy for women to lose themselves in the hustle and bustle of everyday life and the unyielding modern media glorifying the “perfect” woman. However, a stick thin body, thousands of dollars spent on plastic surgery, and a head to toe closet full of designer labels are not what make a woman perfect. What makes a woman truly beautiful is her smile, her laugh, her confidence, her passion. Happiness is what makes a woman beautiful, and that is what we want you to find by following our top seven ways to look and feel beautiful in your own skin, each and every day.

1. Wear what makes you happy. Dress yourself in colors that make your skin radiate, shapes that highlight your best features, and styles that express and embrace your unique and amazing personality.

2. Stop comparing yourself to others! Others do not recognize your strengths or accomplishments, how far you have come, where you want to be the way you do yourself. If you set your mind on your own goals, what other people are doing will soon be of no interest to you.

3. Have a journal, a jar of index cards, or a stack of Post-Its completely devoted to compliments…about yourself! If you cannot think of enough to fill a journal, have a friend, your significant other, or even your parents or kids write a few. Whenever you are not feeling your best, read off a compliment and repeat it to yourself throughout the day. Eventually you will believe it.

4. Spread the love. Compliment someone else. Everyone enjoys receiving compliments from strangers. Make someone’s day, and compliment his or her presentation, attitude, outfit, hair, character, humor, anything. But make sure it is genuine. The best compliments always are.

5.Find a workout routine that makes you excited for physical activity. Exercise is the healthiest stress reliever, and there are so many ways to add it into your hectic schedule. Get out on the court and play tennis with a friend. Walk, or, if you are daring, run, your dog across the neighborhood. Put those yoga pants to good use and take a hot yoga class. Research workouts online that will grant you the courage to sport that bikini you were praying would still fit come summer time. No matter the activity, you will feel more alive and refreshed afterwards, and who doesn’t want that?

6. Treat yourself. Why not treat yourself every day? We know you are insanely busy and rarely have a moment to yourself, but when you do, it is important that you are able to relax and relish in the freedom of zero responsibility. So, go ahead, eat that second slice of cake every once in a while. Reread that spineless, paperback, cheesy romance novel you secretly love. Indulge in some retail therapy and maybe buy a few too many pairs of impractical shoes (is there such thing?). Go dancing. Sing karaoke. Have a drink. Paint a mural. Bask in the simple pleasures life has to offer.

7. Smile. Because you are beautiful. And, according to the wise and gorgeous Audrey Hepburn, “happiest girls are the prettiest.”