Athleisure: The Basics

What is so attractive about the relatively new activewear trend that has so rapidly become prominent in just about every modern woman’s wardrobe? And more importantly, what is the correct way to wear it? At Lily Winston, we believe it is absolutely crucial for the busiest and most tenacious of working women to seize the same benefits as the rest of the world and wear something that is pleasantly comfortable, yet inspires confidence and is just as fabulous as the women wearing it. Athleisure provides women with just that. Not only can the style be worn casually in their own home and working out at the gym, but women can wear the fashion when shopping for groceries, running errands, walking the dog, even grabbing lunch with friends…as long as it’s done right.

Rule 1: Layering without bulk

Your average hoodie is a thing of the past. Sweatshirts and jackets now are all about a slim, sleek fit. Quarter zips and half zips made for running issue that appearance and have collars that, when superimposed with a collar of a color complement, easily create a fresh, contemporary look. Cowl neck sweatshirts are another way to layer. Underneath the quarter or half zip, they give the illusion of an infinity scarf without all the added weight and material. Cropped sweatshirts, although a looser fit, work over a tee or tank for a windy spring afternoon.

Rule 2: Color is fun – but don’t overdo it

Let your shoes be your foundation. Since you will most likely only have one or two pairs of sneakers, choose them based on whether or not you want to experiment with a lot of color. Patterned leggings are the most coveted athletic piece of the season, but you do not want to end up looking juvenile. Choose options that incorporate more soft than vibrant colors (black and white are actually very trendy right now, as are gray and rose pink), and make sure your sneakers match the rest of your ensemble. They should be the same hues as those painted across your legs or, better yet, simply black or gray, colors that match every shade. But no need for paranoia. If your Nike check is a bold color, do not fret. Minimalism is key.

Rule 3: Play with geometry

Contour shapes and various lines are pivotal features in what differentiate athleisure from regular athletic wear and establish the style as one of high vogue. A simple, loose top can make a major statement when paired with a strappy sports bra; the same is true for a bright sports bra with a cut-out, open back top or an intricately tied racer back tank. The look shows a bit of skin without being skimpy or provocative.

Rule 4: Avoid the pit stains (yes, it is now evitable!)

Despite athleisure’s versatility, its main purpose, of course, is to be used during exercise. Eminent athletic wear companies like Nike, Under Armor, and Lululemon have developed ways in which textile technology can improve its products. Their new fabrics help with breathability and movement, are lightweight, sweat-wicking, flexible, and even reduce odor, making working out a little less torturous and a lot less sweaty. You can go to the gym in the middle of the day without having to worry about pressing, impromptu activities afterwards or seeing anyone you know during. You can look good, feel good, and do good things for your body in atheisure’s latest technologies. Just remember to read the labels and follow these simple rules, and you will be ready to strut your naturally beautiful self in your new activewear, wherever you go!