Takes the intimidation out of shopping

"I started working with Wendy in the spring of 2011, having recently transferred with my company to North Carolina from Wisconsin. While my style was technically appropriate for my workplace, I noticed that most employees dressed more formally relative to the Wisconsin office. My manager advised improving my wardrobe for my new position, a suggestion I took to heart and attempted to do on my own. However, having met with limited success on my own, I decided to seek out professional help and found Wendy via the internet. Here I was clueless, thankfully Wendy knew exactly where to start, asking about me, what I was doing now, looking at my existing wardrobe, taking notes regarding what I had, what I lacked, and what I had that was out of style or more importantly did not fit correctly. After this meeting, she observed my real problem was not so much what I wore (although that too could be improved), but rather that I owned little if anything that fit correctly. We then scheduled a second meeting, this time at a local mall to shop. I was impressed by several things: First, we went to several stores and at each one Wendy had an existing relationship with sales people in seemingly every clothing department. Second, she was patient, taking the time to explain why she thought a particular color or style would look good on me. Finally, Wendy took me out of normal styles and colors, bringing me things that were more bold than I would have chosen on my own. Although she steered me toward more bold colors, Wendy also guided me toward classic styles that I will be able to wear for years and away from trendy pieces that might have looked dated next season. The results - my new wardrobe looks fresh, fits well and most importantly, I look and feel more professional and confident in my workplace. In autumn 2011, my wife and I were invited to several weddings and additionally both of us generally needed fall/winter professional attire. My previous experience with Wendy had gone so well that we decided to contact her again. The experience was as good the second time as it was first! When I need style advice in the future, I will not hesitate to call on Wendy and in fact have passed her name onto several friends. She is fun to work with, professional, knowledgeable and takes the intimidation out of shopping."

Mike Woods-DeWitt