The Real Cost of Counterfeit Products

You can’t believe the price of the counterfeit Chanel bag you just bought. So the craftsmanship may not even be close to that of the actual purse, but all of your friends will believe you purchased the real deal. Only you’ll know the truth, and will it really bother you all that much?

In purchasing counterfeit bags, customers may be unknowingly supporting questionable organizations often responsible for the production and distribution of these goods. Economically, the sale of counterfeit designer products may result in the loss of jobs and revenue from original designers, as well as the possibility of these questionable organizations not complying with tax laws.

Potential buyers may want to consider the ethics of counterfeit production. There is the question of fair trade; the counterfeit industry is often accused of violating child labor laws and tolerating poor working conditions. In addition, production methods are often exceptionally harmful to the environment as counterfeiters may not be held to the same environmental standards as legal organizations.

While the cost of counterfeit designer goods may be lower, the questionable quality and ethics may lead to doubt regarding their worth. Perhaps walking around with that counterfeit Chanel bag won’t feel as amazing as the price tag looks.