Lily Winston's Guide to Skin Care

Great skin can't be achieved overnight. 

Like most things, it takes time, discipline, and knowledge. 

The good news? It is never too late to take care of your skin and see the changes. 

As we age, we have to pay particular attention to our skin, giving it extra care. Our advice is to start as early as you can. The work you do now will pay off years down the line! 

We've put together some advice for men and women of all ages to get glowing, luminous skin.

On Makeup...

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Less really is more. At Lily Winston, we treat makeup as a tool to enhance your natural beauty. If the makeup is wearing you, it's too much! An overload of foundation can stretch out your pores - making them more visible in the long-term. 

When purchasing makeup, it's important to shop the person behind the counter. Seek out brands and employees whose make up looks healthy and natural. They can help you recreate this look for yourself! 

Matching foundation - both shade and type, to your unique skin tone and type is no easy task. Consider setting up an appointment with a foundation specialist to ensure your makeup is working for you, not against you! 

Our Skin Care Routine... 

Skin care will look different for everyone - but we've outlined a basic nightly process you can modify to meet your own needs. 

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  1. Remove makeup (Don't skip this step!)

  2. Cleanse

  3. Exfoliate

  4. Spritz with rose water (Wendy's tip to balancing out your skin!)

  5. Apply serum

  6. Moisturize

Moisturize not only before bed, but in the mornings as well! Separate your day and night creams for different uses. Consider a day cream with strong sunblock or apply facial sunscreen over your daily moisturizer. Don't rely on the SPF that may be present in your foundation. Protecting your skin from sun damage is one of the biggest things you can do to preserve youthful, luminous skin. 

Eye cream is an absolute must to work into your routine! The earlier you start wearing, the more of an impact you will see under your eyes in the future. 

On Aging...

As you get older, hormonal changes and health problems can contribute to your changing skin. Before turning to more and more skin care products, identify and address these contributing factors independently. 

On all of our faces, we have a layer of dead skin that becomes more visible as we grow older. Exfoliation and sunblock are key in treating this. Additionally, we must ensure we are using the proper moisturizer for our skin type, whether it be dry, greasy, or a blend. 

Don't assume you skin type will stay the same forever - anticipate differences with age and meet any change with a switch in product. 

If you haven't devoted lots of care to your skin in the past, never feel like its too late to start. As you start to make these additions to your daily routine, you'll find you transform more with age. 

For the Men...

Shaving ideas for men

Lucky for you, the shaving process naturally exfoliates -- but you can't forget about the rest of your face! Invest in an everyday scruffing lotion to remove dead skin and clear up your complexion. 

Cleansing, moisturizing, and applying sunscreen are not reserved for women. No matter your gender, we should all be taking care of our skin! 

Give your body the love it deserves! 

Take the time to invest in healthy practices when it comes to your skin. You will be amazed at the pay-off. 

For one-on-one help, reach out to the Lily Winston team!