Redefining the Pantsuit

There is often a certain negative connotation associated with the pantsuit. The mere utterance of the phrase sends men cringing. So what is it about the pantsuit that is so unappealing to men? Should we apologize for not finding comfort in a closet full of suffocating, yet apparently attractive, skirts and dresses? For wanting to, occasionally, experience the ease and flexible movement with which men’s clothing offers? For feeling an ounce of power in defying conformity and being taken seriously like any woman in a position of authority? Hilary Clinton is rarely seen without a pantsuit, and she is certainly not apologizing to anyone. But suppose you do not aspire to lead a lifestyle commensurate to Hilary’s. Suppose you dream of creating your own legend as inspiring working woman with both respectable status and covetable feminine allure? Suppose I know just how you can make that dream a reality…

Step 1: Put your slacks to the side for the first time in your life. You are about to make a power statement in a pantsuit.

Step 2: Find a reliable and meticulous tailor, one you can basically trust with your life.

Step 3: Think structure. The most important factor to consider is the shape of your suit. You want a shape that fits perfectly. It does not cling to your skin (that would defeat the purpose of trading in your skirts for the pants), and it does not hang sloppily past any portion of your body. Opt for a straight leg that ends right above the ankle or a wide leg that grazes the floor (with elegance, rather than fear of potential tripping). For those with an athletic or petite build, try a high-waisted wide leg with a long, sleek blazer to fill you out. The straight leg trend, accompanied by a short, fitted blazer, looks fabulous on curvy women. A longer, belted blazer with straight leg pants works with every shape looking to mimic an hourglass figure.

Step 4: Experiment with color. Let us take a moment to honor our blacks and our grays before we let them down easy. The dark neutrals have been there for us through thick and thin and are, without a doubt, the most essential hues to our wardrobes; however, when it comes to the pant suit, they provide little to no charm. Because of the strict structure of the suit, it is necessary to incorporate your own unique touch in order to set yourself apart from the mediocre. Try something daring, something unexpected, something that will have everyone else in the office impressed. And intimidated. The holiday season is the perfect time to amp up your style with a hint of shine. A metallic suit with a bronze tinge or a monochrome suit embossed in a metallic pattern allows you to bring the holiday spirit straight to the office without looking cheap or tacky. The spring time calls for bold, solid colors like cobalt blue or large, unique patterns that incorporate vibrant colors and the neutrals. Avoid tiny, repeating patterns and florals. Both are overwhelming and end up making you look like the wallpaper from your grandmother’s closet. All white creates an instant balance between glamour and dominance in the summer. If you can keep an all-white suit spotless, you will be receiving awe-struck glances all day long, at least from your fellow female coworkers.

Step 5: Radiate a level of confidence proportionate to that of your new wardrobe. Head up, back straight, and smile. Now you are the embodiment of feminine power in the workplace.