Fall 2007: A Matter of Details - Embellish your classics for fall

Step out confidently this fall with a more luxurious style of dressing. One of the most important and apparent themes across the board involves the dominance of opulent embellishments. Look for the play in fabrics as well as modern menswear influences, where anything from eye-popping hues and luminous sheens to luxurious textures and strong silhouettes define this season’s hottest trends. This is a great time to update or glamorize the more classic section of your wardrobe. Since this is the season for coats, it might be the right time to invest in a bold-colored coat in a durable fabric like wool, leather, shearling, or fur. Don’t forget to find that perfect tweed suit, structured bag or some fantastic gold jewelry.

If you’re still struggling to manage the mortgage after your last shopping trip, try important lower-priced items like a flirty pencil skirt, a pair of menswear trousers, a frilly blouse or a cashmere turtleneck. To ice the cake, hunt down a pair of chic elbow-length gloves in leather or suede, as well as some ballet flats and stacked pumps in either animal print or patent leather. Finding the right combination of these items can give you that luxurious look of fall while maintaining your personal style.

My best advice for Fall 2007 is to plan your budget in advance to maximize your shopping experience. Good luck and remember to have fun.

Enjoy! — Wendy

(originally published in the News & Observer Living In Style Fall 2007)