Dressing for Your Body Type

One of the most frequent dilemmas that cause women to shy away from fashion is not being able to dress their body type. Have you ever walked into a department store and wished you could turn and run since there are so many options that can make you easily overwhelmed? Well, it is time to put away those running-away shoes and strap on ones that will match a perfectly fitted outfit that will make you feel confident and empowered! This might sound easier said than done, right? The first step in being able to find pieces that will fit your body type is discovering what body type you actually have. Once you know what items to look for you will no longer feel helpless when walking into a store. With this in mind, here are the four main body types that might be more difficult to dress. The first one is the top-heavy figure, the bottom-heavy figure, the apple-shaped figure and flat-chested figure. In the words of Coco Chanel, “Fashion is architecture; it is all about proportions.” With the correct tips, you can turn any of your problem areas into the ideal body image that you would like to show off!

A top-heavy figure:

Tip 1: Make an appointment with a foundation specialist to be professionally fitted for a minimizer bra that will immensely improve the look and fit of your garments

Tip 2: In order to feel sexy and flirty by creating a balanced silhouette, find a wider-leg trouser and define your waistline with a fashionable corset belt.

Tip 3: A fun, embellished neckline can draw the right amount of attention without being overkill!

Bottom-heavy figure:

Tip 1: To flatter your shape, focus darker colors on bottom and lighter on top. Steer clear of the trendy, bold colored skinny jeans this season that will emphasize your hips.

Tip 2: To stay on trend, I suggest an iconic-printed tunic in a lighter-weight, colorful fabric that will be versatile this summer!

Tip 3: Beat the summer heat in an empire-waist dress in this season’s most feminine and flirty fabrics. Keep it simple with a casual wedge or embellished thong!

Apple-shaped figure: 

Tip 1: Rather than a traditional black monochromatic base shade, midnight/navy is an equally flattering choice. Accessorize with a longer, softly draped unbuttoned cardigan that covers the hips.

Tip 2: Trousers with wider legs, softer fabric will flow from the hips and slim down your silhouette.

Tip 3: A higher heel in a neutral shade (3 inch would be fabulous) will elongate your body and improve posture. Lean towards chunkier heels and steer away from stilettos which will create a top heavy appearance. And for an added bling, wear a statement necklace that will draw attention away from waistline.

Flat-Chested figure: 

Tip 1: Embrace your flat chest! You are able to wear this season’s hottest trends by adding voluminous ruffles and luxurious pleating and creative embellishments to your top half.

Tip 2: An effortless way to develop a curvaceous silhouette is to select this season’s variety of ruched dresses that are enhanced by wearing a miracle push-up bra.

Tip 3: Build sexy confidence by playing up your assets (such as hips) with form-fitting garments that accentuate your curves!

Remember that you wear the clothes; the clothes do not wear you! Be fun, Be fabulous, Be You!