Dine to Impress

In April, we wrote a blog post about the relevance of etiquette in our society. It is clear that etiquette has become lost in translation over time. In a professional setting, candidates lose the opportunity to make a favorable, lasting impression by disregarding simple steps in etiquette. At Lily Winston, we believe that the smallest of actions can have the greatest of impacts. And who knows, that impact may just be the key to securing a new job or receiving a promotion.

An important and often neglected part of etiquette is dining. In the workplace, at meetings, and at functions, people notice the actions of others. Eating and drinking with colleagues is yet another opportunity to paint yourself in a positive light. We came across a graphic created by Ghergich & Co. and Quill that clearly and concisely covers the foundation of dining etiquette. What conversation topics are acceptable in certain settings? How should you address your boss? Reminders on basic etiquette never hurt either. For instance, checking your phone mid-conversation is never OK, no matter how normal it may seem to us. Additionally, cleaning out your food storage space as needed is more impactful than you’d think. The bottom line? We’re keeping these guidelines with us on-the-go at work.

Not only does the graphic provide detailed and relevant guidelines for eating and drinking with colleagues, it stresses the importance of doing so, and of doing so in a healthy manner. According to Ghergich & Co, only 1 in 3 workers take a lunch break. For these 1 in 3 who do eat with coworkers, their days often go quite differently. Of these individuals, those who choose the better menu item see an even more significant difference.

Look over the graphic before your next workday to really see what we mean. By doing so, you can learn little things to do in your professional life that will help you unlock new potential. Let us know what you think!

The graphic, pictured below, can be found at Quill.com at the following link: http://www.quill.com/content/index/office-snacks-coffee-resources/navigate-office-dining-and-drinking-like-a-pro/default.cshtml