Classic Comeback

three piece suit dolce mens fashion

three piece suit dolce mens fashion

Incorporating the latest trends into your professional wardrobe will be easier than ever this fall as the top designer collections revisit the American classics. The three-piece suit has returned in a big way for both men and women. Designer’s to revisit this classic look include Dolce & Gabanna, Donna Karan, Marc Jacobs and Calvin Klein among others. They have common characteristics of structured tailoring, authoritative appeal and twists of femininity for the women’s collections. There is an overall air of sophistication. At right: Men’s three-piece Dolce & Gabanna, Fall 2010

Tweed is great for fall. It is a classic look that is appealing in a number of different color motifs that usually creates a subtle and muted effect, perfect for most professional environments. The individual pieces can also be combined with other suit pieces for mix-and-match versatility.

Plaid is all over the runways for fall, but wearing it can be tricky for the rest of us. It is a pattern that can often give an illusion that things are wider than they actually are. Also, you do not want to look like a flamboyant golfer who has gone mental. Instead, take a “less is more” approach when incorporating it into your wardrobe. For instance, pairing a grey and black plaid vest with a solid black suit is fashionable, but not over the top. Plaid ties for men are also a great alternative to the all plaid ensemble.

Below: Women’s Marc Jacobs, Fall 2010