Stand Out in Business Attire

Happy Tuesday Everyone! Last week in our #CorporateCountdown, we discussed the differences between business professional and business casual wear. This week, we’re taking a step further by discussing how to incorporate your personal style within those – something everyone should feel confident doing!

Do Your Homework

First, try to get a sense of the culture of your company. Do some homework and figure out what the normal dress code is within the workplace. For example, is it business professional or casual? Is there a color palette? Are casual Fridays followed? From there, it is easier to incorporate your individual elements.

Staple Items

One of the simplest ways to incorporate personal style within the workplace is to invest in high quality staple items. For example, a neutral tailored suit. Then, start mixing in items that express yourself such as a colorful blouse or a printed scarf. These items add dimension, are easy and affordable to switch out, and remain appropriate for a professional setting.

Pay Attention to Silhouettes

Start thinking of the silhouettes that look best on your body. Instead of a tailored pant, do wide legs look better on you? What about a shift dress instead of an A-Line? Write down the silhouettes that look the best on you within pants, tops, dresses, and skirts. Tailoring is a small change that makes a huge difference!

Incorporating Favorites

All of us have an item or two in our closet that we love. Whether it be a great pair of shoes or a vintage handbag. While keeping everything else neutral, adding an item like this will not only make you feel confident but will be a great conversation starter.



There is a limit

While adding elements of your personal style within the office is fun, there is a limit. Wearing overly tight, distracting pieces is always a no. Remember that the goal is to remain sophisticated while adding small personal touches. No outfit should disrupt work being done. 


Remember, small steps are key! Go in your closet and start pulling pieces that you think may work. If you want to go further contact us! Lily Winston would love to set up a consultation to work with you to find your personal style.