Make 2017 Count

Each new year, we celebrate a fresh beginning and an opportunity to change our lives for the better. New Year’s resolutions can be a motivating drive for change. So, how come we often break them after just weeks or even days? The truth is, resolutions are hard to keep. Lily Winston is here to help you stick to those new goals.

First, it’s not too late to start a resolution in 2017! Before you do anything, you have to make sure this objective is one you actually want to reach. It should never be something someone else wants or that you feel you should be doing. If it’s something you are passionate about, it will be easier to keep and so much more rewarding!

We lead busy lives. Make room for an attainable and specific change that you can plan to implement in your daily life. Stick to a few different resolutions at once, and don’t work towards something general!

Plan, plan, plan. Set a schedule and discipline yourself to stick with it. Create a mantra for when continuing your goal seems too tough, and surround yourself with it!

Give yourself an incentive. After you hit a month of sticking with it, treat yourself! Be sure that whatever this reward is does not hurt your progress.

Finally, don’t quit when you’ve hit a few bumps. It is OK to slip up or fall off the wagon sometimes. The important thing is that you keep trying!

Lily Winston wishes you the best of luck, and of course, a happy new year. 

Elizabeth Galanti